Personalized Health Coaching

Your journey is unique, because your body, needs, preferences and lifestyle are like nobody else’s. With an affordable weekly coaching package, we’ll identify your sustainable well-being goals and the next steps that will have you feeling better (not stressed or hungry!) week after week. I work with women (and a few men!) all over the world via Zoom as well as in person.

Transforming our bodies, with love 

“Weight loss” is a key reason that people come to me. But our society has this so messed up! ? Our culture practically forces us to eat unhealthfully and then shames us for it. ? My approach starts with fiercely loving and defending ourselves and our bodies (it’s ok if that’s hard at first!) and finding kind, sustainable ways to reduce some unhealthful body fat while building the muscle that will keep us strong, active and confident (and less achy!) through the years. 

Creative Exercise and Laughter Yoga

Moving our bodies can and should be fun and feel great! I lead a free outdoor workout all year, teach Creative Balance classes and pelvic floor training sessions, and design customized workout plans for clients. I’m also a Laughter Yoga leader because intentional group laughter can improve our mood, breathing, brain health, sense of connection and much more. 

Pfilates Pelvic Floor Training

Most women over 45 suffer from pelvic issues such as leaks, urgency or prolapse. But because of shame, silence and neglect, ? we haven’t learned that these can usually be significantly improved with simple self-care practices. In workshops, classes and affordable private sessions, I teach simple daily Pilates-inspired practices that can protect and enhance your quality of life. ?? 

The Fierce after 45 Blog

New Clients

Talking one-on-one is a great way to see if we’re a good fit, and I’d love to meet you on Zoom! ? It’s a real coaching session, not a sales call, with no pressure and no obligation. We’ll sketch out your wellness goals (dream big!), and choose your three most impactful next steps. Then you can pursue an affordable coaching program with me, or just run with the plan on your own. You’re welcome! 

Online Resources

Check out my short videos HERE that I hope will help you feel “fierce after 45”!

Social Media

I’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn! Send me messages there and let’s talk!