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What happens if I click on "Make an Appointment"?

You’ll go to my automated calendar, where you can choose your own 45-minute appointment with me on Zoom. The Zoom link is created automatically and sent to you with reminders. You can cancel or reschedule through a link in the confirmation or reminder email. The appointment isn’t a sales call, but real coaching to show you how I work and see if we’re a good fit. We’ll look together at your needs and goals, and we’ll identify the three most impactful steps you’re able and willing to take right away. If you want to discuss other services like fitness training or just want to ask questions, that’s fine too! After the appointment I’ll send you an affordable proposal and you can decide whether to work with me, or just move ahead on your own. You’re welcome!

I'm intrigued by what you do but am not ready to book a call or sign up for coaching. How can I follow you without getting too many emails or notifications?

My email newsletter, the “Jetpack,” goes out just twice a month, and I never share your email with anyone else. The “Jetpack” includes my schedule of online and in-person events, many of them free: a great way to get to know me. It also highlights my latest blog posts with my fiercely independent take on how we can truly support our well-being as women at midlife and beyond. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my activities, ranging from pelvic floor training workshops to WANCE (Walk-Dance) events in Washington DC. Thank you very much!

I plan to visit the Washington DC area. Can I meet you?

Yes! I’d love for you to come to my “Fierce in the Forest” workout on a Saturday morning in Falls Church, Virginia (inside the Beltway). I often have other in-person events like Laughter Yoga, please reach out for my latest schedule and more details!

Do you meet with clients in person?

Yes! I offer coaching and training sessions in my home studio in Falls Church, Virginia. I can also come to your location in Northern Virginia for an extra travel fee.

I'm in the fitness and wellness field myself. Are you interested in networking?

Yes! Please reach out by email, and I’d love to see how we can support each other.