Sports chiropractor pointing at a poster of the human body

“Train for Life” (and don’t wear flip-flops!): Wisdom for women over 45 from my fabulous sports chiropractor Dr. Anne Sorrentino

Sports chiropractor Dr. Anne Sorrentino explains how women can move and feel better at 51 than they did at 31

The Journey Starts with Self-Compassion, Part 2 : The Humans

I live in my own head. It's not always comfortable in here. I know about every one of my appalling mistakes, my thoughtless comments, the many ways I've let people (and myself) down. Self-criticism helps us learn from errors and…

The Journey Starts with Self-Compassion, Part 1: The Animal

Think of the most beautiful, graceful, awe-inspiring animal you can imagine. Now imagine that you have one of these animals in your care. You're responsible for everything it needs, and it loves you and wants to please you.  (If caring…