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Losing weight is fun? Whaattt ? Find your unique way to make it happen in my new group coaching program starting Jan. 14!

Willpower struggles, cravings, motivation issues — solved!! New 8-week group program with guarantee 

“I can lose weight, but I gain it all back.”
“Desserts and snacking are my downfall.”
“I just can’t seem to stick to my plan, especially after a long and stressful day.” 

Does this sound like you? (Especially if you’re a woman over 45, my tribe!) 

Are you ready to make 2021 YOUR year of sustainable weight loss and positive, permanent changes in your health? Contact me for a free 1-page quiz to assess your readiness for change!

And if you’re ready, I’m ready to show you that losing weight can be fun! In fact, it MUST be fun! 😊 If the process isn’t enjoyable, it won’t be sustainable.

Everyone is unique, so the formula that works AND feels great for you is unique too. But you’re probably closer to it than you think!

Join me starting Jan. 14 for “Fun and Freedom,” a new 8-week group program where we find everyone’s “secret formula” together and have a great time doing it. And if we don’t, I’ll happily give you a full refund. I want great results just as much as you do!

You will gain:

– Motivation, self-confidence and self-compassion
– Peace and ease in the face of cravings
– How to get what you’re REALLY craving when you reach for a dessert, snack or drink
– Your path to weight loss and better health that you’ll easily continue after the program ends

This program combines the power, support and affordability of a small-group program and targeted personal coaching.

I KNOW it works, as my client Michele has found: “I’m so shocked that we have found a way to lose weight and not feel restricted and hungry!  I will always be grateful for all Patricia’s help!”   – Michele H.  

The program includes:
1 hour of private coaching to focus on your specific needs
20 minutes every week of private “laser coaching” with me to overcome any barriers
– Weekly supportive group sessions on Zoom
Private Facebook group for further support, motivation and accountability (optional)
– Easy and fun journaling and study options to fit your schedule
Free access to my outdoor and Zoom workouts (see below)
– Optional add-on coaching

Dates: January 14 – March 4   (Group Zoom sessions will be scheduled based on participant availability)

Embarrassingly (for me) affordable at a total of $395 AND a guarantee! Because I want to make 2021 MY year to help MORE people achieve MORE results!

Is this your time? Are you really ready? Find out!
Contact me for the free 1-page quiz to see how close you are to making 2021 your year for permanent, sustainable change! Let’s do this!

New: Weekly live/interactive (and fun and motivating) workouts on Zoom!

Fun, Fierce & Fit Weekly Zoom Workouts for All Levels! Wednesdays, 9 am to 9:55 a.m. EST. 10-week series, Wed. Jan. 6 to Wed. March 10. $95 per person .

– No equipment needed — hand weights are useful, but participants can use cans of beans or whatever they have 🙂

– Modifications to suit your fitness level and any limitations

– Fun, creative and motivating, even if you don’t usually love exercise 🙂

Laughter Wellness on Zoom

“Laugh for the Health of It”! I offer a free weekly Laughter Happy Hour on Zoom, as well as private sessions for companies and organizations.

Laughter has profound positive effects on both the body and mind. And this is true even when we laugh intentionally, especially in a group setting. I lead simple activities to get participants “laughing for no reason” and experiencing more happiness and connection in the present moment. Deep breathing, a bit of movement, and affirmations are also part of the practice. It’s a break from ordinary life that can lift your mood, improve your breathing, get you “out of your head and into your body,” and even strengthen your immune system. Exactly what we need in these times!

Laughter Wellness is a variation of Laughter Yoga, which originated in India and is now spreading around the world. Find out more about the practice and its benefits at And check out this article on the benefits of laughter!

Contact me to find out more!

It was great, I felt so much better after attending it and I really think the employees felt better too!

– Benefits Coordinator at Berkadia Commercial Mortgage

“Fierce in the Forest” on Saturday mornings in Falls Church, VA 

Weekly free, informal outdoor workout for all fitness levels. Maximum of 7 participants for safe social distancing. Additional sessions will be added based on demand. Contact Patricia to RSVP and for directions.

Mindfulness Groups on Zoom

On Thursdays from 1 to 1:30 pm (Washington DC time), we gather on Zoom to explore and practice mindfulness — finding more awareness, peace and joy in the present moment. Topics of the week include self-compassion, a sense of connection with the natural world, acceptance of what we can’t change, and more. I’m not a guru but a companion on the journey, sharing tools and ideas I am learning. Even my cat participates 🙂 These sessions are free to my followers! Contact me to join.

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I’ve attended two of her WONDERFUL wellness workshops and highly recommend her work!

Diane L. Cohen, Executive and Career Transition Coach, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Ambassador

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