In the second half of your life, you want to feel great in your body, have plenty of energy, and do more of the things you love. I turned myself around at midlife, and I can help you do it too. Are you ready?

Interview with Patricia

How do you make New Year’s resolutions truly stick?

Hint: it’s not by using willpower to force yourself to follow them 😅 . I was interviewed on this topic by Lauren Steed of the “Available Worldwide” podcast, aimed at U.S. diplomatic Eligible Family Members (EFMs).

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How I Help Women Feel Fierce After 45

Transformational Coaching starts from the premise that you are a whole, competent person with the power to achieve your goals. Read more

Patricia in December, 2013. Photo by Brenda Schreir.
Patricia in December, 2013. Photo by Brenda Schreir.

Patricia’s Story

I set out to lose 20 pounds, but I ended up in a place I never could have imagined. Read more…

Patricia with a coaching client.


Patricia’s gentle persistence and creative approaches kept me going when I was tempted to give up. Read more…

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We Need to Exercise Our Positivity Muscles🤓

Here I describe six great practices which can help us release “stuck” negativity and bring out more of our authentic self, who not only feels more positive but is better at dealing with our problems and moving toward our goals.

Starch is Sugar, Crackers are Cookies 😵

Starch is long chains of sugar! I drastically reduced sugar and flour-based foods in my eating plan (and increased my exercise), healed from obesity and feel younger at 61 than I did at 51. And I love my new way of eating, thanks to great substitutions.

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