Creative Exercise and Laughter Yoga

Growing up, I enjoyed riding my bike, walking in nature and swimming, but it took me until age 52 to discover exercise that was truly fun and enjoyable for me (and to get over my aversion from early shaming in gym classes!). And now I even lead creative workouts and balance classes (sometimes I wonder: who is this person?). I use music, interesting props, and creativity (like drumming with sticks and dancing while walking) to inspire others like me who enjoy a spirit of play. I’m also a Laughter Yoga leader because “laughing on purpose” improves our breathing, mood, brain health, sense of connection and much more! In Falls Church, Virginia, I offer “Fierce in the Forest” outdoor workouts (all year!), Creative Balance classes, and Laughter Yoga. I also design customized workouts to fit your needs, using the equipment you have, the moves your body  needs, and the music you love! Come and play!

In my education as a personal trainer, I learned so many exciting things that I want to share with everyone! We can improve our posture in just six weeks! Balance is a trainable skill! And we get the same proportionate gains from strength training at ANY age (even if we’re already frail). WHAT ?? When I was 50, I assumed I’d be hunched forward for life after all those years at the computer. But with just a couple of hours a week, we can actually improve our strength, balance and posture. 

Now I stand up straighter, I’m more agile, and I’m stronger than I was decades ago. Let’s get you feeling stronger and better too, in a way that you find enjoyable and truly fits into your life. And P.S., the right kind of exercise gives us better sleep and more energy and endurance, so we’re not really taking time “away” from the rest of our obligations. We’re enhancing our ability to do what we need, want and love to do!

What I Offer

Creative Exercise In Person or on Zoom

  • Free “Fierce in the Forest” outdoor workout in Falls Church, Virginia, weekly in all seasons! 
  • Personalized exercise plans and customized live Zoom workouts (for one client I combine exercise and laughter!) 
  • Referrals to great colleagues (I’m not taking commissions from anyone), to make sure my clients find the right mix of fun whole-body exercise, live or virtual, with me or with someone else! 
  • Live WANCE (dancing while walking) events in the Washington DC area!

Laughter Yoga

  • Special pop-up events in the Washington DC area 
  • Laughter Yoga sessions for older adults, for instance at senior living communities
  • Corporate and organizational Laughter Yoga events
  • If you’re local, please join my Laughter Yoga Washington DC area Facebook group here!


Do you offer personal training?

Along with health coaching on Zoom or in person, I’d love to design your ideal workout (including strength training) and if desired, support you in following your plan week after week. If you’re looking for private strength training sessions on Zoom, I have awesome (and affordable) colleagues who do that even better than I do ? and I’ll be happy to set you up! 

How can I join your outdoor workout, and can I join if I'm just visiting Washington DC?

 I’d love to have you join me for this free and super-fun workout, whether you live here or are just visiting! It’s free, and all you need is weather-appropriate clothing and a water bottle. Just email me at to RSVP. We meet in a wooded park (only a few dog walkers go by ?) ,play fun world music (requests very welcome) and modify the whole-body workout for everyone’s level, injuries or specific needs. Recent comment: “That was the most fun exercise class I’ve done in years!”  

How can I join you for Laughter Yoga?

If you’re in the Washington DC area, try my drop-in class at the Providence Rec Center, or contact me for special pop-up events. On Zoom, please join my free monthly “Laughter Yoga and Body Celebration” on Finding Female Friends Past 50.  My teachers and colleagues also offer great Laughter Yoga sessions every week, so you never have to miss out on your “DOSE” of intentional group laughter (which produces dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins ?). Check out Arlington Laughter Yoga, Celeste Greene Laughs, Laughter Yoga with Alexa, and of course!  

Can I hire you for a Laughter Yoga session?

Yes! I’ve presented Laughter Yoga, in person and on Zoom, to women’s groups, birthday parties, a tech startup, a mortgage company, and as a warmup for a marathon race! Please reach out at and we’ll make it happen! 

Do you offer live group workouts on Zoom?

As of 2024, I’m no longer offering live Zoom workouts, but I am thrilled to recommend virtual classes with my skilled, caring and fun colleagues, like Becky Harkema, Susan Frikken and many more.