Personalized Health Coaching

Ready for enjoyable, sustainable, lasting change? Coaching can help! Together we look with lovingkindness at wherever you are now (it’s tough being a human in our unhealthful modern environment!). We identify your goals — not based on “shoulds” from others, but your own needs, values and priorities. Then we creatively and collaboratively find the next steps that have you feeling better (not frustrated, overworked or deprived) week after week. It’s so exciting  when my clients get into a positive spiral of change and say that now they can’t imagine living without their new habits. I work with women all over the world via Zoom as well as in person in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.

Our modern world undermines our health in so many ways! We have neighborhoods built for cars and sedentary lifestyles (where are the playgrounds for adults?), processed foods wherever we turn, social isolation, stressful news, glowing screens in the evening to disrupt our sleep, and so much more that sets us up for chronic conditions and getting achy and slowing down as we age. Ugh! But I’ve learned the good news that much of what we think of as “normal aging” is actually affected by our lifestyle, and we can get fierce and move in the other direction for ourselves and for others!

In my coaching practice, we look at all the factors that affect your well-being, and co-create a plan to bring in more physical movement you truly enjoy; natural foods you love; restful sleep; more fun, joy and play; ways to reduce your stress (like mind-body practices, breathing, time in nature, music and more), and ways to get in closer touch with your heart and your true values. It’s NOT about treadmills and carrot sticks, but about developing your unique formula for a healthier human lifestyle that has you feeling better and moving with greater ease week after week. Yay!! 

What to Expect

One on One Coaching Calls

  • Your first call is a totally free consultation and “chemistry” session to see if we are a good fit for each other. It’s real coaching where we look at where you are and the three most impactful steps you are ready and willing to take next. After that you can decide whether to work with me, or just to run with that on your own. You’re welcome! 
  • A coaching program with me usually includes weekly 45-minute sessions on Zoom, but this can be adjusted to suit your needs (by phone or in person, and different timing and duration).
  • I support you in identifying what you truly want for yourself, the barriers you face (including the internal resistance we all have!), and what will work best for you as a unique individual.
  • We focus on the areas that will have the greatest positive impact for you right now: for instance more physical movement can also improve your sleep and your stress levels. 
  • Each week we look with love and kindness at your progress and tweak your plan to make it achievable, sustainable and supportive of your physical and emotional well-being. 
  • You schedule our sessions on my calendar at your convenience and can reschedule as necessary. 
  • It’s a safe, confidential and healing space, where we greet your humanness with understanding and unconditional kindness. 

Extra Support and Resources

  • I’ll help you cut through the tangled Web (ha ha) of health information and identify apps, classes, eating plans or anything else that will truly help you in your health journey without straining your budget or becoming another complication you don’t need. 
  • I’ll create materials for you if helpful, such as guided meditations, recorded affirmations, or customized workout plans.
  • I’m fully independent and not trying to sell you any supplements, diet plans or commercial programs. I’ll never do that!
  • If I don’t offer a service, I’ll help you find a trusted colleague or local provider who does.
  • If desired, I can confer with your health care provider or team about your needs and progress.
  • You’re always invited to my free activities and get special discounts on my workshops and other paid events.


Are you going to tell me what to do to get healthier?

Some clients, frustrated by a lack of progress, come to me saying “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it!” (If that’s what you truly want, I’m here for you!) But YOU are the expert on your own body and your own needs, and my job is to help you bring out your own deeper wisdom, identify and overcome what is holding you back, and provide unconditional support, accountability, encouragement and some strategizing. You have plenty of health information and know your own body, your lifestyle, and the habits you want to change. I’m here to get you unstuck and moving forward on your unique and exciting health journey.

Is coaching expensive? Will you try to sell me a deluxe VIP package?

I work from home with low overhead (except my two wonderful part-time assistants) and pass the savings along to you. There’s actually evidence that more expensive coaching packages can produce better results because the client is more invested and committed to the program. But it’s very important to me to avoid the “boutique” prices so my work is accessible and affordable, and to provide huge value to your life for your investment.  Some would say it’s actually priceless to turn our health around! Some clients actually send me extra payments later, thank you! 🙂 

What happens if I miss appointments or want to end the contract?

I’ve fortunately never had a client stop because she was unhappy with our work together, but I know this may happen someday. I’ll never require anyone to finish out an unwanted term with me; I’ll happily refund the remaining sessions. The same goes if your life changes and you make other plans for your health journey.

What happens most often is that clients get busy and start missing appointments. In that case, I keep your plan active and check in with you. Health coaching clients come to me because they feel that they can use some accountability, so we might work together to schedule future appointments and build in some consequences (chosen by you) for missing them. 

Another common experience is that the client is making such good progress that she doesn’t need to check in weekly anymore. In that case, we typically shift to twice a month or even once a month, stretching out the same number of sessions over a longer period. For some clients, a 12-week program has turned into six months, but at the end they are truly ready to “fly” on their own, feeling great and fully committed to their new, healthier habits. Oh yes!!!

What if I have questions between meetings or am having difficulties?

I’m here for you! Especially at the beginning, sometimes a week is too long without checking in. You can always reach out via email or WhatsApp, and I’ll answer your questions or help you navigate whatever tricky situation you’re facing. We can also have your next session earlier if you’d like to talk by phone or on Zoom. This is about your well-being and your success!

What makes you different from other coaches?

There are lots of great coaches out there, but you might find me a good fit if you are looking for:

– Someone who knows what it’s like to have obesity and turn her health around at midlife. I’ve felt in my own body the transformative power of real food, physical movement we love, fun and play. I’ve learned that it is (sometimes) possible to lose fat and keep it off; to improve our balance and posture; to get stronger at literally any age; and to feel better in our bodies than we did ten years ago.

– Someone with a foundation in science (BS in biology as well as my health/fitness certifications) who loves to follow the research, cut through the noise of conflicting recommendations, and question the unhealthy aspects of our modern world. 

– A coach who will give you truly personalized attention and service without the boutique prices 🙂 because I want my work to be accessible and affordable.

– A coach who helps people get healthier if possible, while also letting go of stigma and judgment toward ourselves and others around body size, age or abilities, and standing up for love and respect for all.