I’m glad you’re here! From my own health journey I know that change comes from positive energy. I help women 45+ (and well beyond) find new habits they WANT to continue, so they can move with more ease and joy, truly nourish their bodies, sleep better, manage stress, and add more fun and flow to their lives. If that sounds good, book a free Zoom vision board session with me here and let’s talk about your life and how to do more of what you love!

Interview with Patricia

How do you make your plans for new habits truly stick?

Hint: it’s not by using willpower to force yourself to follow them… I was interviewed on this topic by Lauren Steed of the “Available Worldwide” podcast, aimed at U.S. diplomatic Eligible Family Members (EFMs).

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How I Help Women Feel Fierce After 45

I offer individual coaching packages where we co-create your plan and get you from “training wheels” to joyfully riding solo toward your goals! I also offer fun Zoom workouts, a free mindfulness group, and more. Read more

Patricia in December, 2013. Photo by Brenda Schreir.
Patricia in December, 2013. Photo by Brenda Schrier.

Patricia’s Story

I set out to lose 20 pounds, but I ended up in a place I never could have imagined. Read more…

Patricia with a coaching client.


Patricia’s gentle persistence and creative approaches kept me going when I was tempted to give up. Read more…

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