What Is Transformational Coaching?

Coaching starts from the premise that you are a whole, competent person with the power to achieve your goals.

Thus, failing to achieve a goal (such as weight loss, improved fitness, better sleep, or a calmer mind) doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you — however, it does mean that something is holding you back, perhaps something you aren’t aware of. Through coaching, we work together to identify those barriers and break through them, freeing you to make rapid progress.

Patricia with a coaching client.
Patricia with a coaching client.

When we hit resistance, or something doesn’t work, we stay strong and refuse to give up. We simply try another approach.

That’s actually the key to it all:

If we know something is possible, and we resolve to keep trying until we achieve it, we can be confident that we will get there.

I’ll help you confirm that your goals are realistic. It’s actually more likely that you are aiming too low, and you can achieve more than you currently imagine!

This is where the “transformational” part comes in: you find yourself doing things you never thought were possible, and you become a bolder, more powerful version of yourself. In my case, I set out simply to lose 20 pounds, but I found new courage, energy, self-acceptance, and even a new career.

Within a short time, my clients have discovered surprising new identities:

“I’ve always wanted to be able to say I’m a runner, and now I can.” (S.J.)

“I’m lifting heavy weights, and I love it!” (Viviana)

“My cravings are gone and I have lots of great new strategies for healthy eating.”  (Nancy)

 “I am confident with my ability to continue until the end since she has helped me learn how to stay on track no matter what comes my way.  I’m so shocked that we have found a way to lose weight and not feel restricted and hungry!” (Michele)

“I can dance and jump and move gracefully to music; I don’t even know who this person is!” (me)

What might be holding you back?

  • Our obesogenic environment with processed food wherever we turn, but few opportunities for movement
  • Previous negative experiences with exercise or weight loss
  • Self-undermining thoughts
  • Barriers in your environment, such as unsupportive people
  • Not seeing how to fit more active movement into your busy life
  • Confusion about conflicting health information in the media (are eggs good or bad?)
  • Entrenched habits you’re not sure how to change
  • Putting work/family/others first

Whatever it is (for me it was all of these things!), there is a way to break through and uncover your true powers. If I was able to do it, you can too! (I’m not a special unicorn, as one of my heroes, Brooke Castillo, puts it — far from it, in fact!)

Can you do this on your own? Absolutely! I will continue to share information and links that helped me and that I hope will help you too. But if you’re feeling stuck or making only slow progress, please reach out to me for a free assessment. We’ll look at your unique situation and help you decide whether coaching is a good fit for you. I want to free you to be fierce!

Let’s do it!

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