How I Help Women Feel Fierce After 45

Me at age 50, just not feeling at ease in my body, except when snorkeling🤿😄

I feel better in my body at 61 than I did at 40, and I can help you do the same!

Have you been struggling to:

  • lose excess fat
  • exercise more
  • eat better for your body
  • find more balance and relaxation in your life
  • or achieve other health goals?

And it’s been hard because you:

  • think the path to get there will be unpleasant
  • face barriers in your environment
  • feel discouraged based on previous experiences
  • believe that you lack motivation and “discipline” 😟
  • think you can’t feel good until you achieve your goal

I’ve been there! This is all very normal — welcome to being a human in our modern world 😬 But I have learned that there IS a way to break through all this and FINALLY start moving with ease, joy and relief toward our health goals and feel great along the way!

Me at 61, feeling younger and bouncier! Nose just as big as ever 😂😘

Often it takes a coach 🧐 who understands the process of changing our habits and beliefs and sees what we can’t see (yet). We’ll work WITH your tastes, preferences and emotions instead of against them, as I guide you through the process of changing your habits (and beliefs) while making sure that it all feels natural and BETTER than your previous lifestyle.

Give me three months and I'll give you ten years? 🧐 According to the latest research, women who follow healthier habits at age 50 can enjoy more than ten additional years of life free of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes compared to women without these habits. (Medscape)

I’d love to be your coach if we’re a good fit! 🥰 Find out in my totally free “Fierce Midlife Tuneup” on Zoom. Bring me your toughest issues 😁, and I’ll show you what I can do to get you “unstuck” right away, in just one hour, scheduled at your convenience.

Or get to know me first in my free groups: “Free Your Heart” Mindfulness group on Zoom every Thursday from 1-1:30 pm, and my “Fierce in the Forest” outdoor workout in Falls Church, Virginia every Saturday morning at 8:30 am.

Then consider a powerful yet affordable coaching package with me:

Spring 2022 Special! Get Moving Toward Your Health Goals and Actually Feel Great Along the Way (not just when you get there!) 😃

  • It’s a 9-week program, but right away we will start breaking through your barriers (even if they have been there for decades!) so you can move forward with joy and relief!
  • Coaching on Zoom at your convenience, with simple and impactful personalized “homework” that will move you forward and have you feeling better immediately (no canned program or busywork!). Expect to invest about 30 minutes a day in this process, which I’m confident will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made!
  • And speaking of investments, I’m offering this package at the super-accessible price of just $450 total. I’m expanding my program this spring, so you can benefit from this low price which will go up later in the year! And in combination with my “Spring Energy” Zoom workout series, it’s only $590 (at least a $750 value!)

My irresistible guarantee 😊

I know my coaching works, but nothing is right for every single person. If you give it a try and it’s not the right fit for you for whatever reason, I will happily refund everything you paid.

Ready to start? Send me a message or book a totally free Midlife Tuneup today! Hope to see you soon! 😍

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