How I Help Women Feel Fierce After 45

Have you been struggling to achieve your health goals because you:

  • face barriers in your environment
  • think the path to get there will be unpleasant
  • feel discouraged based on previous experiences
  • believe that you lack motivation and “discipline”
  • think you can’t feel good until you achieve your goal

I’ve been there! This is all very normal — welcome to being a human in our modern world

But I’ve learned that there ARE ways to break through all this, FINALLY start moving with ease, joy and relief toward our health goals and feel great along the way!

Often it takes a coach who provides accountability while also acting as a judgment-free listener and unconditional supporter. A coach sees what you can’t see (yet), and also understands the complicated process of changing our habits and beliefs.

If you choose to work with me, I’ll use your personal vision as our guiding star (dream as big as you can!), and we’ll co-create a plan that works WITH your tastes, preferences and emotions instead of against them, as we navigate the tricky but totally doable process of changing your habits (and beliefs) while making sure that it all feels natural and BETTER than your previous lifestyle.

So let’s go!

Step one: If this sounds good to you, let’s give it a spin, with no obligation and no sales pressure (that’s just not me).

Set up your own one-on-one Zoom call with me here.

We’ll paint a picture of where you would like to be with your health and well-being (let your imagination soar!), look with lovingkindness at the gap between your vision and where you are now, and figure out the next three most impactful steps you can take to move forward.

If you like what we do together, I’ll offer you a super-affordable and convenient coaching package to fit your goals, budget and schedule. I work at home with few overhead costs, so I can pass the savings along to you. You’re welcome!

Or get to know me first in my free groups: “Relax and Release” on Zoom every Thursday from 1-1:45 pm Eastern, and my “Fierce in the Forest” outdoor workout in Falls Church, Virginia every Saturday morning at 8:30 am. I also offer online and in-person events on the free platform Revel for women over 40 — hope to see you there!

Please also sign up here for my twice-monthly “Jetpack” email where I share my free activities and other information that you can use in your life to feel fiercer and better right away. No spam, no list sharing, thanks for joining me!

Give me six months and I’ll give you ten years? According to the latest research, women with healthier habits at age 50 can enjoy more than ten additional years of active life without chronic illnesses.


My irresistible guarantee:
I know my coaching works, but nothing is right for every single person. If you give it a try and it’s not the right fit for you for whatever reason, I will happily refund everything you paid.

Ready to start? Send me a message or set up your own one-on-one Zoom call with me here. Hope to see you soon!