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Interested in giving health coaching a try? How would that work? Feel free to contact me at any time; I’m happy to answer your questions.

Then, just be bold and plunge into the no-cost, no-obligation call or meeting I offer. During this first session, we will focus on you, your unique situation, your goals, and the barriers that have held you back from your goals in the past. We’ll talk about strategies that might work best for you, and I’ll provide some preliminary feedback, ideas and tools that will get you started on your path.  (A recent potential client was so happy about her results from this call that she insisted on paying me for it!)

For those not located in the Northern Virginia area, this initial call also shows whether virtual coaching is a good choice for you.

Based on what I learn in this session, I will send you a formal proposal for an individualized coaching program. The length, frequency and other details will depend on your goals and needs. You may then accept or decline the proposal, or request any changes you would like.

The coaching program will definitely include:

  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly calls or in-person sessions.
  • Personalized materials to support your goals.
  • Access to me for daily or weekly check-ins to confirm and celebrate your progress, and to take quick action if something isn’t working.
  • Access to me to ask questions and reach out for support at any time.

The program may also include:

  • Individual home exercise routines (for fitness, strength, power, balance, flexibility, posture, or whatever you need).
  • 30-day challenges.
  • Collaborative meal plans we work out together.
  • Mindfulness exercises.
  • Materials to support habit change (checklists, diaries, apps).
  • Personal training provided by me.
Forest workout
Patricia coaching a Forest Workout

This is all based on your preferences and needs, and you can adjust the plan as you prefer.

The calls are very important, because you’ll inevitably hit barriers and new challenges, and we will need to react together and readjust.

That is the magic — when most people get discouraged and give up, we won’t!

We will agree on goals in the first call that are achievable. If we know they are achievable, then it’s just a matter of finding the right path and sticking with it until you succeed. When we hit barriers, we’ll just try a new approach. There is always a way forward!

Also very important is the principle that the right path feels good. We will take on positive challenges that have you feeling better week after week (not deprived or depleted!).

Ready to start? Send me a message today!

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