“Patricia’s gentle persistence and creative approaches kept me going when I was tempted to give up.  I’m well on the way to reaching my goals!”

Nancy, age 60
Patricia with one of her coaching clients.

I cannot recommend Patricia’s services highly enough.  I wasn’t even sure I could be a client of hers due to my having to make my way through health problems, long-term weight loss, and severe exercise limitations.  But she demonstrated how ingenious and resourceful she could be by creating customized recorded daily meditations for focusing on my goals and by listening to my struggles to help me find my way through them.  Customized exercising, supportive and positive coaching, and flexibility with the frequency of contacts has helped me attain my preliminary goal of 10% weight loss.  I am confident with my ability to continue until the end since she has helped me learn how to stay on track no matter what comes my way.  I’m so shocked that we have found a way to lose weight and not feel restricted and hungry!  I will always be grateful for all Patricia’s help! 

 – Michele H.

“I greatly benefited from Patricia’s coaching during a very hectic time in my life. Weekly check-ins with her really kept me on track so my health stayed vibrant and I was able to keep up with all the overtime I was working. You will not find someone more patient and persistent in helping you find health solutions. She really takes the time to listen and ‘see’ you. Everything is customized to your unique needs and goals. Thank you, Patricia, for being a positive force and inspiration!”

Amber, age 43

“All my life I didn’t think I could learn how to swim, but with Patricia’s help I did it!” –

David Camacho

“During my transition from college to my first day job, Patricia helped me plan a variety of healthy meals, keep up with various types of exercises and fit mindfulness into my day. She is so kind and provided useful and specialized tips for my specific needs. I was able to seamlessly add healthy changes to my life that have become a permanent part of my lifestyle.”

Megan, age 22

“I can start my chainsaw again!”

Jack, age 95
Forest Fitness class takes place every Saturday in a local park.
Forest Fitness class takes place every Saturday in a local park.

After years of struggling alone to finish my manuscript, I hired Patricia as a coach for three months. Whenever I ran into the same old walls, she was ready and pulled me up and over them with a practical and insightful hand. I’m well-aware that without her gentle, honest, clear and motivating guidance, I would never have had the satisfaction of typing the words “The End”.


“Patricia is wonderful! She helped me tackle my cravings and plan nutritious meals around my busy schedule. After working with her one on one, I joined her for a workshop on the upper body. I learned new ways to stretch and strengthen my shoulders. If you are thinking about a change, reach out. It is worth it!”

Anonymous, age 38

I attended her nutritional seminar that was beyond amazing and extremely valuable. Patricia is professional to a T and possesses powerful knowledge that she so freely shares. I love eating healthy and believed I knew a lot about it, but to my surprise I came to find out that every second was a learning experience. Thank you so much!


“I wish my mother could see me now!”

Ellie, age 81 (Patricia’s mom!)
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