Zoom Workouts June-July 2022

  • Fun music. Nice people. Right in your air-conditioned living room or anywhere, with props you already have.
  • A leader who remembers very well what it’s like to be overweight, out of shape and not thrilled about exercise (just 8 years ago)
  • A workout (unlike running or dance workouts) that strengthens and tones your whole body and improves your posture and balance (along with mood, stress level and overall health!)

Just show up on Zoom and I’ll do the rest! FREE DEMO Workouts on Friday, June 10, from 8-8:30 am and 11-11:55 am Eastern, sign up here to get the link and reminders!

I have loved Patricia’s Zoom workouts. They were exactly what I needed to get moving again and feel good. The music and variety of exercises are motivating and fun, and everything can be modified to suit each person’s level. Give it a try!

– Winter Energy participant I.L.
Build strength and energy right at home
  • New June-July series 🌻 🌞, June 13 through August 5 (8 weeks)
  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11-11:55 am Eastern
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 – 8:30 am Eastern
  • Sign up for as few or as many sessions as you like!

Cost and extra bonus!

Total of 8 sessions (average once a week) on days of your choice, $75, or total of 16 sessions (average of twice a week) $135 (plus one included one-on-one coaching session!)

Total of 24 sessions $165 (average of three times a week) or full access, up to 40 total workouts, $175 (plus two free one-on-one coaching sessions!)

Discount or credit also available in case of travel, injury, etc.

Feel free to book a quick Zoom meeting with me here to discuss your needs, goals, modifications, etc.!

Ongoing participants can simply submit payment here or Venmo @Patricia-Linderman

No special gym equipment needed — just two hand weights (cans of beans or water bottles are fine), a loop resistance band (I’m happy to mail you one if you don’t have one), a chair or sofa, some wall space, and one heavier object with a handle (a jug of laundry detergent is good if you don’t have a kettlebell).

What participants are saying:

For me, this was a great way to start the day, an aerobic workout plus strength training plus stretching, all in just a half hour! Thanks, Patricia!

– Ladd Connell, retired Foreign Service Officer, Tuesday/Thursday participant

I have gotten stronger, more motivated, more energetic and more positive, mood-wise, since doing Patricia’s exercise routines three times a week. Patricia’s workout is amazing. I have lost 4 inches and reduced my A1C from diabetic to pre-diabetic. She is easy to follow, keeps up the pace and delivers results.

I love that Patricia is able to run a class across multiple time zones, and varying exercise needs, yet each class feels tailored to my needs. I can tell I’m gaining arm and core strength, and also feel a lot less achy (especially in my back and problematic left heel).

What a great program that makes a variety of exercises fun. It’s so convenient to be able to do this in my own home, and if I feel self-conscious about doing moves in front of other people (people who are not watching me, of course, but watching Patricia!), I can just turn off my video. What has surprised me the most is how much resistance training we do in addition to aerobics; not to mention balance, strength, flexibility and stretching. It really covers it all and the music is great, too! 

The workouts have been especially beneficial to my upper body strength. I can already feel the improvement after approximately eight weeks of workouts. I’m also experiencing far less shortness of breath while climbing stairs. I came to the workout sessions after years out of the gym. Well, slowly but surely the routines brought me back to “life” and wellbeing. I started slow but little by little I could catch up with the class in terms of stamina and energy as well as ease of movement. BEST gift I have given to myself in a LONGGG TIME!

Contact me to try a workout or sign up for a free Zoom consultation here! And follow my Facebook page for occasional Facebook Live demo workouts! Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!