Fiercely Impactful Free Groups: “Relax and Release” on Zoom and “Fierce in the Forest” outdoor workouts!

“Relax and Release” your stress, anxiety and tension (we’ve all got them!) Free monthly group on Zoom

A woman doing a yoga pose outdoors

I started this group on Zoom during the pandemic to find others who were also looking for ways to calm our stress and gain more inner peace. It’s also brought me a strong sense of connection.

The class lifts me off the treadmill of life and returns me, relaxed, ready to cope one step at a time at my own pace.

S.E., Alexandria, VA

Please join me monthly on the second Thursday from 1 to 1:30 pm Eastern to “Relax and Release.” Optional discussion time continues until 1:45 Eastern. Feel free to keep your camera off if you choose! This group can help:

  • Provide a break from racing thoughts
  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Ease physical tension (in the neck, shoulders, jaw, back and even the feet!)
  • Provide tools so you can continue these practices on your own whenever needed! And much more …

I use mind-body practices without “woo-woo” elements… but WITH fierce love, positive energy and even humor. I’ve learned from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Positive Intelligence, some secular elements of Buddhist practices, therapeutic breathing techniques from the Integrative Movement Institute, and many more sources.

Are you in? Feel free to keep your camera off if you choose! Contact me for the Zoom link, hope to see you soon!

These crazy days, taking a moment to meet in the shade and sip from the refreshing well of Patricia’s wisdom relaxes and energizes me at the same time. Now, I realize that may sound oxymoronic but I highly recommend trying a session so that you can experience it for yourself. You will be welcome.


“Fierce in the Forest” on Saturday mornings in Falls Church, VA 

Do you have “Nature Deficit Disorder”? Could you use some more exercise, but it needs to be fun and modified to your level and any injuries you may be dealing with? Do you feel like you are shaped like a chair after sitting at the computer all week? (that’s me).

If you’re in the DC area or traveling here, please join my weekly “Fierce in the Forest” workout in a beautiful wooded park. We drum with sticks, throw things, balance on the benches and even do Toe Yoga!

Maximum of 8 in a group — if we have more, we add a second group (8 am and 9 am). Free for my followers! Contact me to RSVP and for directions.

I really love your Fierce in the Forest classes. Your enthusiasm is wonderful. I admire the thoughtful way you prepare for us with equipment and theme music 🙂 !! and then care that we get a balanced, safe workout.

– E.D.M., November 2023

That was the most fun exercise class I’ve taken in years!


I’ve attended two of her WONDERFUL wellness workshops and highly recommend her work!

Diane L. Cohen, Executive and Career Transition Coach, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Ambassador

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