Workshop Nov. 17: Holiday-Proof Your Health

The holiday season should be a time of enjoyment and togetherness, but it can also feel like a constant parade of stressful obligations and temptations.

Fortunately, pausing for a bit of mindful planning can help us enjoy our favorite traditions and the good times with friends and family, without those awful feelings of overload and depleted willpower.

The Journey Starts with Self-Compassion, Part 1: The Animal

Think of the most beautiful, graceful, awe-inspiring animal you can imagine.

Now imagine that you have one of these animals in your care. You’re responsible for everything it needs, and it loves you and wants to please you.  (If caring for an animal doesn’t attract you, imagine being responsible for a radiant, affectionate child.)

For me, the animal is a jaguar. Her name is Tulum, and I met her at the zoo exotic animal rescue facility in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

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