Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Less self-sabotage and more positive emotions, thanks to 15-30 minutes a day with a simple 6-week program, using an app right on your phone!

Turning toward the positive more of the time

As I’ve found in my own life, the Positive Intelligence program directly reduces our internal worry and stress (even if nothing changes in the world around us) with its brilliant three-pronged approach:

1. Increasing our self-command or mindfulness “muscles.” Short exercises (as little as 2 minutes) are easily interspersed through the busiest day. After 6 weeks, the difference can even be seen on a brain scan!

2. Strengthening our internal “Sage” — the calm, wise, joyful being who is naturally present in all of us, but usually hidden by the emotions of our “survival brain” (like fear and anger) and our Saboteur tendencies. The Sage is known for positive emotions, compassion (including for ourselves), curiosity, creativity, and focused action in harmony with our values. I’ve found myself spending much more time in “Sage” mode since going through this program, and I know those around me have benefited too.

3. Gently weakening our “Saboteurs” — the patterns we’ve developed to cope with life but which are actually counterproductive, like procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing and more. The “Judge” is the master Saboteur who is constantly beating us up, criticizing others, and telling us that things are going wrong. The Judge tells us this is necessary for our protection, but good news — it isn’t necessary, and it’s actually harmful!

Which Saboteurs affect you the most? Take the free online Saboteur Assessment here (use the same email you would use to register for the program, so your results can be linked).

Interested in learning more?

Having been a self-help fan for the last 50 years; I felt like I knew all the tricks of the trade. I was a smart rat that had not seen anything new for the last 30 years. That is until I read Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine and took the course that instills the principles of the book into everyday life. I have been humbled, overjoyed, and set free by the experience. Small, simple steps done consistently over the 6-week course have transformed my relationships with family, friends, co-workers and most importantly myself. I wish every human being could take part in this profound experience.

– Teresa Bueno, one of my first participants

Here is a TED talk by Shirzad Chamine, the founder and leader of the program.

And here is a test of your current “PQ”: your ratio of positive to negative emotions. (It’s recommended to take it several times, because we all have good and bad days.)

And this is the main Positive Intelligence website to explore.

Normally, I am trying to please and take care of everyone and I end up getting frustrated and sometimes sick. I have been to two family reunions since I have worked this Positive Intelligence program and I can tell you there was no drama inside of me; it was everywhere else but I did not get thrown off. Anytime I thought I would, I did my PQ reps and was a completely different person. So much so that my husband wants to now do the program. So much so that my girlfriends who know me and have known me for many years all signed up for the program and there are 8 of them. It is a game changer!

– Debbie Dannheisser

I don’t work for Positive Intelligence, but I’ve signed on as an affiliate coach so I can take people through this brilliant program. The list price of this program is $995, but I am able to offer significant discounts to my clients and followers. There are three ways to go through the program with me:

  • Follow the 6-week program on your own, or with a “Pod” of friends that you organize, with email/messaging support from me.
  • Join a “Pod” created by me or by a coach in my network, to provide you with support and accountability as you go through the program.
  • Add personal coaching from me during the six weeks, to focus on your individual goals and get the most out of the program.

In all the options, you also retain the app for a year so you can continue to use the exercises and repeat the content. There’s also an option called “Grow” where you can continue to access great new content and keep building your “PQ muscles.” Here’s what a current participant has to say: I have been loving Grow. The daily practices help make all the information of the six weeks understandable. Especially how to opt for a sage approach to an issue. Loving it.

The 6-week program starts any Saturday. Email me at patricia@fierceafter45.com or make a quick Zoom appointment with me here to find out more!

Something happened today that turned a simple, happy win into a big letdown.  Without all the details, my friends, Hal, and I went from silly happy to pissed off in the space of five minutes and two phone calls.  Something was swindled away from me, and I was hurt and angry.  But, PQ kicked in.  I said out loud I needed to use my PQ skills, and I lifted myself, and my group, out of the pissed off zone. And, an upset is now the butt of a joke, and we are all better for the experience.  
It was so good to step out of unnecessary drama, and get my people out of it at the same time.  Thank you PQ!

N.S., current program participant in the 4th week