Pfilates: Pelvic Floor Training Made Effective, Simple and Fun

Join my “Leap Into Pelvic Recovery” Challenge, February 2024!

The research-backed “Pfilates” method of pelvic floor training has been proven to produce dramatic results for almost all women in just 28 days. We’ll practice these simple 5-minute exercises together each day in February and celebrate our successes on Leap Day!

The affordable group program includes:

– Everything you need to establish this simple habit in your daily life and experience dramatic improvements in leaks, urgency and more!
– Weekly group check-ins on Zoom for learning, accountability and fun.
– A private 30-minute session with me to optimize the exercises for your best results and your unique body and preferences.
– WhatsApp group for instant support, accountability and answers to your questions for the whole month.
– Short videos and helpful materials from me to support your home practice.
– Prizes and awards at our Zoom celebration on Leap Day, Feb. 29!

Payment is on a sliding scale to fit your budget, from just $75 to $175 for the whole program!
Note that this group is designed for people with female anatomy, to focus on and share issues specific to female bodies.
Ready to join or have more questions? Fill out the application here!

Do you experience leaks when you cough, sneeze or jump? Do you get up more than once a night to use the bathroom? 

Good news: These are NOT inevitable consequences of aging or childbearing. And pelvic floor conditioning can prevent or reverse these issues!

The often-neglected pelvic floor is the all-important base of our core (we all want core strength!). And it supports our well-being and quality of life in so many ways, from avoiding leaks to maintaining our sexual health.

Unfortunately, there is often shame and silence around this area of the body. Women in the U.S. do not receive routine rehab after childbearing, which almost inevitably injures the pelvic floor.  And many people do not seek help until they face serious issues like incontinence or prolapse. In fact, approximately 200,000 surgeries are performed each year in the U.S. for prolapse or incontinence — most of which could have been prevented with simple exercises.

Let’s do something about this together! 

Pfilates is Pilates-inspired pelvic floor training, created by urogynecologist Dr. Bruce Crawford. It’s much more effective than traditional Kegel exercises  AND has extra benefits for our bodies. But it’s so easy that it can be done in just 5 minutes in the morning and evening, and a personal trainer like me can become certified to teach it, as I have done! 

I’m excited to be able to share these important skills with others, and to help open up the conversation around our pelvic health. Of course this is a private and deeply personal area of the body — and an area which has suffered trauma for many of us — but it’s time to speak with each other about it and address its needs, because it needs and deserves our love, care and attention. 

Are you in? I offer a range of affordable and accessible ways to learn the Pfilates skills and make them part of your life.

– Donation-based 1-hour standalone workshops on Zoom to learn the exercises and optimize them for your body (for instance, with seated or standing variations). Fill out the signup form and questionnaire here.

– A free 12-minute guided practice I recorded, on three-dimensional breathing (great for stress reduction and overall well-being!) and pelvic floor activation. Email me at and I’ll send it to you. 

– Fun and affordable virtual groups, where we learn the exercises, optimize them specifically for your body, provide accountability as you get this simple but vital habit established in your life, and enjoy a supportive and positive group experience. You’ll get an introductory webinar, a private session with me, and four weekly 30-minute group sessions (with bonus humor, fun and body positivity). Email me at if you are interested or have questions!

– Private single sessions or series, on Zoom or at my home studio in Falls Church, Virginia. Just $50 per session. Set up a short Zoom meeting with me here to discuss your needs. 

I really hadn’t realized how important the pelvic floor is, and mine is benefitting from having taken this class and just slipping in little exercises throughout the day. I’m glad to have participated and learned more about how to improve things “down there.”

I became more aware of the muscles in my pelvic floor. The exercises able to helped to improve my breathing and gain better muscle control which helped to end the small leaks that I was having en route to the rest room.

I’m so happy about my increased ability to hold/control urinating. I had even considered surgery, but now I’ve talked to my doctor and decided I don’t need it.

Three recent participants in Pfilates with Patricia

Sign up for one of my upcoming free (optional donation-based) workshops here, email me at or make a quick Zoom appointment with me here to discuss your options or ask questions. 

No more shame and silence! Let’s make pelvic health part of our conversation and our daily practice. I hope to share these important skills with you very soon that can make a difference in your quality of life, now and later!