Join the January Challenge 2022

Why join my challenge group this January? Because it’s fun, empowering, and effective! 

  • Committing to the right challenge (a stretch but achievable) for 30 days can set you on a new track and raise your well-being to the next level. And it’s easier and more fun with the support, accountability and camaraderie of a coach at your side and an encouraging group (the best part, according to the September participants).
  • The group’s positive energy helps you get through those tricky first 7-10 days. Then it gets easier, but you’ll still face barriers and temptations (ranging from limiting beliefs to a spouse who keeps buying potato chips😝) and the group will help you navigate them.
Not in January for me! 🙂
  • After you practice a new habit for 30 days, it’s much more likely to stick, and you’ll have proved to yourself that you can do it! 
  • You’ll surely notice how good you feel after 30 days: lighter, more energetic, sleeping better, with fewer chronic symptoms, or ???  

Will it be uncomfortable at times? Sure! But staying stuck in less-healthy habits is uncomfortable too. Habit change is challenging â€” but we’ve got your back!

Let’s do this together! I’m taking on a challenge along with you — I’m stretching a little beyond my previous challenge in September, with 100 grams of protein a day, logging all my food, 30 minutes of meditation a day, and no alcohol (not easy, but I know I can do it with the accountability of this group!).

How it works: 

– I’ll select 4 or 5 people for each group, for optimal communication and real camaraderie.

– Your group will meet once a week on Zoom to share barriers, struggles and breakthroughs, and get some coaching from me.

– You’ll also have a Messenger or WhatsApp group (including me) for daily accountability and support right on your phone.

All this for just $150, and you can withdraw anytime for a full refund if the program doesn’t exceed your expectations.

What challenge might it be for you? 10,000 steps a day? Intermittent fasting? Cutting out sugar? “Dry January”? “Veganuary”? Daily yoga? The Whole30? Getting 8 hours in bed each night? Meeting the recommended 150 minutes/week of exercise? Finally adding strength training to your routine? Or a combination of these? 

Schedule a free Zoom meeting with me during December to choose the right challenge for you. Note: this is a free service for you, whether you sign up with me or not 😀 Or just contact me to find out more. A small, no-risk investment of $150 brings a fun experience that can change your life and health for the better. I’m looking forward to getting fierce along with you in January!

From a September Challenge participant: I wasn’t initially sure I “needed” a challenge and nervous about working within a group, but I found it beneficial in so many ways. I learned a health challenge isn’t always about cutting out, but sometimes about adding in. More importantly, while our challenges were quite varied, the support of the group made the difference in achieving my goal. (Thanks Jen! â˜º)