Fiercely Impactful Groups: Workouts, Mindfulness and Laughter

“Heal Your Heart”: Weekly no-cost mindfulness group on Zoom

Difficult emotions? “Monkey mind”? Emotional eating? Each Thursday from 1 to 1:30 pm Eastern, we tackle these big issues (which are part of being human!) and more. Here are some of the impactful topics we tackle:

  • Getting Out of Our Heads and Into Our Bodies
  • Practicing Self-Compassion
  • Allowing and Accepting Our Emotions
  • Accepting What We Can’t Change
  • Practicing Mindful Awareness
  • Breathing for Health and Calm
  • Mindful Eating
  • Creating More of What We Want

Each week we free our hearts a little bit more — are you in? 💓 Contact me to join at no cost!

“Laughter Mini-Vacation”: Free monthly Laughter Wellness on Zoom

“Laugh for the Health of It”! I offer a free monthly Laughter Mini-Vacation on Zoom, as well as private sessions for companies and organizations (including the US Embassy in Hanoi).

We meet the third Friday of each month, from 12:15 to 1 pm Eastern. Sign up here to get the Zoom link and reminders!

Can we laugh in stressful times? Yes, we can, and we should! (Just like we should sleep, exercise, and eat nourishing food!) Laughter has profound positive effects on both the body and mind.

It was fun just laughing and being light-hearted. I was “taken away” from the stresses caused by the awful events in our world and was able to release that tension that was being held in my body.  Afterwards, I felt energized but in a relaxed “I can move forward” way. The heaviness had left my body. Thank you for showing us how laughter can change our mood and provide a sense of calm.  

– A Laughter Wellness participant, March 2022

As a Laughter Wellness facilitator, I lead simple exercises to get participants “laughing for no reason.” It’s a break from ordinary life that can lift your mood, improve your breathing, increase your sense of connectedness to others, and even strengthen your immune system. Exactly what we need in these times! Relaxation and mindfulness are also part of the practice. Feel free to keep your camera and sound off if that is more comfortable for you!

It was great, I felt so much better after attending it and I really think the employees felt better too!

– Benefits Coordinator at Berkadia Commercial Mortgage

Laughter Wellness is a variation of Laughter Yoga, which originated in India and is now spreading around the world. Find out more about the practice and its benefits at And check out this article on the benefits of laughter! Sign up here for my group, or contact me to to find out more!

Want more opportunities for group laughter? I also highly recommend Arlington Laughter Yoga (free monthly sessions led by my first teacher, Diane Cohen😍) and “Celeste Greene Laughs” (free weekly groups!).

The program today both relaxed and strengthened me. So I would sum the feeling up in one word—Focused. Afterwards I felt I could, temporarily at least, set aside my horror at the relentless warfare and simply focus on the day and its tasks. So that was a blessing.

– Solveig, a participant in Laughter Wellness during the Ukraine crisis

“Fierce in the Forest” on Saturday mornings in Falls Church, VA 

Weekly free, informal outdoor workout for all fitness levels. Maximum of 8 participants. Free for my followers! Contact me to RSVP and for directions.

I really enjoyed your workout in the forest and look forward to attending again! It’s a wonderful way to start the day!

– A new participant, March 2022

Calendar of Events

I’ve attended two of her WONDERFUL wellness workshops and highly recommend her work!

Diane L. Cohen, Executive and Career Transition Coach, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Ambassador

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