Adult women enjoying a playground

Our Culture Makes Us Fat 😟 (and what to do about it)

We tend to blame individuals for obesity, but it is a biopsychosocial, global phenomenon. Our modern way of living makes us fat, and I offer five ways in which we can all work against this and help each other and ourselves be healthier and happier.

Starch is Sugar, Crackers are Cookies 😵

Starch is long chains of sugar! I drastically reduced sugar and flour-based foods in my eating plan (and increased my exercise), healed from obesity and feel younger at 61 than I did at 51. And I love my new way of eating, thanks to great substitutions.

The Whole30: Changing Your Relationship with Food

For my monthly challenge in September, I chose to do a Whole30, which I had never done all the way through before. Our older son Alex got married in August, which meant riotous celebration and vigorous dancing to Latin music…