Adult women enjoying a playground

Our Culture Makes Us Fat 😟 (and what to do about it)

We tend to blame individuals for obesity, but it is a biopsychosocial, global phenomenon. Our modern way of living makes us fat, and I offer five ways in which we can all work against this and help each other and ourselves be healthier and happier.

Social Connection: It’s a Health Goal

"Write about loneliness," suggested a blog follower and old friend (thank you!). Loneliness -- a feeling that you lack sufficient social support and connection with others -- is considered an epidemic these days, with health consequences compared to smoking 15…

The Journey Starts with Self-Compassion, Part 2 : The Humans

I live in my own head. It's not always comfortable in here. I know about every one of my appalling mistakes, my thoughtless comments, the many ways I've let people (and myself) down. Self-criticism helps us learn from errors and…