Workshop Nov. 17: Holiday-Proof Your Health

The holiday season should be a time of enjoyment and togetherness, but it can also feel like a constant parade of stressful obligations and temptations.

Fortunately, pausing for a bit of mindful planning can help us enjoy our favorite traditions and the good times with friends and family, without those awful feelings of overload and depleted willpower.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll create an action plan to:

  • Reduce stress by choosing the events and traditions that mean the most to you and gracefully declining the rest.
  • Prepare in advance for temptations and face them with confidence.
  • Support your own well-being throughout the season (which benefits others too).
  • Make it easy to keep your resolutions now, so you won’t have to make new ones in January!
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Try a class at Epiphany Pilates in Fairfax, Virginia; you’ll love it!

I hope you can join us on Saturday, November 17 at 11 a.m. for Holiday-Proof Your Health, as we prepare for a season of compassionate self-care, mindfulness, and true enjoyment.

For more information or to register, contact the studio at (703) 204-2200 or

I also wrote a guest blog, October Resolutions, for Epiphany Pilates. If you can’t attend the workshop, you’ll find many of the ideas and suggestions there. Hope you enjoy it!

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Written by Patricia Linderman

After turning fierce and losing 43 pounds at age 53, I now help people break through barriers and bring out their healthiest, strongest selves, as a certified health coach and personal trainer.

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